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so instead of just updating it, i figured i’d completely redo it because the old format was unnecessarily annoying, new interviews will always be bolded and commonly requested/most popular italicized!


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yooo!! can someone who knows all the words to rain by love, robot & pvris tell me the lyrics to the bridge because i have an idea of what’s being said but i’m unsure please help

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taylor i’m sure you have much more pressing issues to deal with, but i woke up this morning really sick and i have an essay due tomorrow that i haven’t even started and i can’t focus what do i do taylorswift

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jordan from new found glory scaring tay jardine [x]

in middle school me and this guy were talking about music while we were waiting for the teacher to show up and he told me bmth were his favorite band and i was like oh they’re cool and he was looked so shocked that i knew who they were and i asked why and he said he had never come across a girl who liked them then the teacher showed up whatever. then later that day he posted on facebook that ‘after today metal seems like pussy shit’ and after that day i never saw or heard him talk about bmth or any other bands similar like this guy literally stopped listening to his ‘favorite band’ because he found out a female also liked them and yeah he’s on my list of the weakest teenage boys i have ever encountered

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Title: Acid Reflex
Artist: Pity Sex
Played: 1167 times

Burned a hole in my stomach. An acid reflex. Got another pill incoming. An acrid redux. Do you love me? Peptic bubbling? Slick and soothing. My acidic need. Sick on alcohol and aspirin. Atomic liver. Slipped a kiss I couldn’t stay for. Anaphylactic shiver. Do you love me?  Peptic bubbling?  Slick and soothing. My need. Filled up. Spilled down. Splitting seams. I’m better now. Ruptured spleen. Plastered frown. Toxic life. I’m better down.  I need love. I need drugs. I need looks. I need God. I need comfort. I need fortune. I need something.

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yooo!! can someone who knows all the words to rain by love, robot & pvris tell me the lyrics to the bridge because i have an idea of what’s being said but i’m unsure please help

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the sky under the sea / pierce the veil 

(click for better quality)

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